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A little bit about the blonde...

Originally from the southwest suburbs of the Windy City, Maureen is the perfect example of a midwest sweetie who has a healthy dose of sass. While pursuing her BA in Wisconsin she quickly became known for her quick wit and infectious laughter.  Moving to New York was an easy decision for Maureen.  Life wouldn't be complete for her if it didn't involve performance; although she would be lying if she said she didn't miss Jimmy Johns and Portillos! Other than her extreme love for food; she is passionately loyal to her family and friends, loves to cook for loved ones, sings in the shower daily, and has an unwavering obsession for Bulldogs.  She shamelessly enjoys Karaoke and has no qualms with rehearsing monolouges in her mirror on a regular basis. Long story short? This gal is a good time, LOVES all aspects of performance, and if you own a bulldog she'll be your new FREE dog walker. 
Bragging Rights
: a monthly live sketch comedy show where 2 groups of comedians go head to head. 
Upcoming Performance: Jan. 26th @ 6pm
The Pit Loft NYC 

Fun Fact? 

Maureen's favorite meal consists of starting with a hearty steak and ending with an entire cake.

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